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Help extend a compassionate welcome

Anyone who has traveled abroad and been greeted upon returning with a hearty “Welcome Home,” knows that feeling of pride and comfort to be on safe, familiar ground. Whether you’re back from exciting international travels or an exhausting military tour of duty, when you queue up on the US Citizens line, and a Customs official stamps your passport, you’re home!

Now imagine you’re a refugee who has narrowly escaped persecution, possibly death, arriving in the US. You’ve left behind your personal belongings, your home, your life and come to a new and rich country, with only the clothes on your back and the hope in your heart. Such is the scenario of F, a recent escapee from Afghanistan, and the many refugees who will follow her.  

Please contact Ossining for Refugees now!

914-570-4552 | Monday-Friday

Or email Ted Buerger, Co-Founder and Lead Coordinator, at